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7 Funny Replies That Work Online!

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If you have spend some time talking online, you know there are some question that women ask you all the time. How to answer to these question to make sure that you are getting her attention and interest? Just try using next lines:

1.When she is questioning you about your marital status just say: “Well, my dog hates the way I do coffee, it hopes I will find someone else that will make him a coffee every morning”

2. What is your age? “I am a little child… when I am sleeping, a mature man when I am making decisions and an exploring teenager when I have the opportunity to talk with an interesting woman”

3. Do you have children? It is a simple question to reply but you can say more than yes/no, and earn some points. So.. If you Do Have Kids you can answer “Oh yes, I have…(a 2 years old boy), he is a nice kid, and he is very responsible for my haircut.” :) If you don’t have kids: “No, I don’t have kids yet. I’m still looking for the woman willing to take the risk of having good looking kids, like me. :) )”

4.What happened with your ex ? This is a hard question, don’t give specific details, be serious and pass quickly over this subject. You can say something like : “I never joke about my love life. We just didn’t match with each other/We couldn’t pass over some problems together. and decided to go on on separate ways.”

5. What are you doing for living? What is your job? Now, maybe you are hating your job but don’t let her know that. Be enthusiastic and positive: “I am working in (domain) and I really like to wake up every morning with such a job. Sometime I forget putting my socks on in my hurry to reach at work”.

6. What kind of relationship are you after? “I really want to find someone that can take me as I am, someone that can accept how gorgeous I am. :) “.

7. What are you doing in your spare time? “I haven’t to much spare time but I rely like to… (read GOOD books / watch GOOD TV Shows / listen GOOD music / share GREAT time with my friends).” You have to be selective and a little demanding… make her understand that you are not just wasting your time anyhow and with anybody available. So she will feel good that you are spending YOUR time with her.

The idea is that you have to be funny but serious at the same time. Make her curious, with every question you are answering her you have to make her want to know more about you. Just be different, be original. Good luck and have fun!

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By Ovi Dogar

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