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Being Successfully Single Until the Right One Comes Along!

Our planet is brimming with a random lottery of people; undeniably though, finding true love can be considered a risky business. Love is supposed to be a beautiful feeling with lots of happy thoughts emanating from the whole package of being in love, so why is finding true love is considered a difficult challenge?

Is finding love really so hard though? Or do we just make it hard? Finding love is not hard, but sometimes it takes a long time. So if you are single now, and I assume that you are, then you are likely goint go be single for awhile.

Here are some advantages of being single:

1. You are independent Basically you can do what you want when you want. You don’t have to wait, you don’t have to ask, you can just go.

2. You have more time When you’re single; you don’t have to sit around doing nothing. Want to go to the gym? Want to join the hiking club? Play an instrument? How about watch your favorite video for 10th time? Want to take a course? Learn a new hobby? Who’s stopping you?

3. You don’t have to deal with another’s personal habits You can sleep without listening to someone’s snoring and hog all the blankets all the time and nobody cares. You don’t have to pick up after anyone but yourself. And you don’t even have to pick up after yourself if you don’t want to. Give your patience a well-deserved break.

4. You can be spontaneous Be daring! Do what you want when you want to and who cares if you don’t get to dinner until midnight? Do something out of the ordinary, without having to get permission first or calling ahead. This is freedom!

5. You can focus on your career You can channel your energy into your work. Without a relationship, you have a lot more time. Put in those extra hours and impress your boss, or take on new projects.

6. You are your own boss relationships need compromise and you don’t always get your own way. Both people in a relationship have to give something up for the greater good of the relationship. Do what you want and treat yourself more. Selfishness is good for the soul (in small doses).

Don’t stress! That special someone is out there and you can and will find them. It just takes time.

In the meantime, enjoy being single. In fact, I believe that if you can’t be happy being single, you will never be happy with your soulmate! Kind of like rich and poor. There are lots of poor people who are happy and lots that are unhappy. Same with rich people — lots are happy and lots are unhappy. Now what do you think would happen if we took a poor who was unhappy, and gave them lots of money?

You guessed it! They would probably be happy for a short time, but it wouldn’t last and eventually they would be just as unhappy as they were.

Ever wonder why that is? Being happy comes from inside of you not outside. OK, you are single — enjoy yourself and that special person will come along before you know it!

I hope that you have found this article useful in your search. If you would like to more about finding your soulmate, please visit my website Soulmate Secrets.

Red Hot Pie
Red Hot Pie Australia

Robert Johanssen is a Psychologist and Author living in British Columbia. He has publish Ebooks and articles on psychology, singles, relationships and Popular Culture. Visit his website, Secrets for finding your soulmate for advice, tips and resources for singles, and finding that special someone.

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