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Dating Tip : How to Churn Out Killer Pick-up Lines

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Let’s face it. Most pick-up lines just don’t work. They are either stupid, cheesy, downright irritating, or massive turn-offs. Lines like “Hey babe, I think we have met before” will more often than not make you fall flat on your face. So do they ever work? Well, good news. The answer is actually yes, if you follow these 3 golden rules in this dating tip guide.

Ask a question.

Most pick-up lines are just dull open-and-close sentences. Like this one : “Baby, my mind is so tired, because you have been running through it everyday”. Any lady would find it very difficult to respond to this kind of prompting.

However, if a pick-up line is structured in the form of a question, then it creates a platform for a good conversation. How about this : “Do I look awkward in this shirt?”. Simple, yet effective. Statements like this will make it very easy for you to engage in a conversation with the woman you have the hots for.

Be Humorous

Laughter is the best medicine. After all, you would very much prefer the lady to smile at you, and not literally give you a slap in the face. Let’s look at this: “ Why don’t you come over to my place, and then I’ll show you what I’ve got, honey?”. This type of over-suggestive pick-up line might sound like a winner among your buddies. But chances are, your potential honey will feel offended, and run away from you. Because she wouldn’t want to be associated with a pervert.

However, if you go along something like this: “I can put Seinfeld out of a job” your humor will most certainly be welcomed. If your pick-up lines are humorous and tasteful, then you are guaranteed to hit the bull’s eye. Every time.

Be Original

Originality is the key here. No one likes to hear the same joke more than once, and pick-up lines are no different. If you have heard the line before, then it’s time you create a different one. You can try a bit of mix with the current news: “ Do you think Letterman went bonkers over Britney?” OK, maybe not the best, but you get the picture.

So as you can see, not all pick-up lines are such turn-offs. You too can excel in the dating game with killer pick-up lines, if you just follow the 3 golden rules outlined in this dating tip guide.

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