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How To Get laid More Often… RedHotPie

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Ten Ways To Get Laid More Often… learn these simple, basic steps, and you will be well on your way, to enjoying a more active sex life.

# 1… Find out what the other person is into…

You’ll succeed more often at getting-laid, if you have something in common. Spend some time talking to them, and getting to know them, before trying to get them between the sheets.

# 2… Flirt…

Flirting is a social game we use to let others know that we are interested in them. If you don’t know how to flirt, you won’t be able to attract anyone and you won’t get laid.

# 3… Network through the Internet to hook up with people…

There are many, many sites available where you can meet someone. The Internet is easier than just walking up to a person, and you can talk to multiple prospects at the same time.

# 4… You have to gain a person’s trust before they will sleep with you…

A person doesn’t trust you won’t get intimate with you. You can’t just come out and demand sex on the first date. Not everyone is going to be cool with that.

# 5… Hang out at the right spots…

You won’t get laid much if you spend all of your time either at work, home, or the grocery store. Go to clubs, bars and night life hot spots.

# 6… Set the scene…

If you plan on bringing your prospective date/sex interest back to your place, dress it up with mood lighting, drinks (if applicable), and other assortments that you might need. Some groovy love-making music is a good idea, too. And clean your apartment.

# 7… Don’t be needy…

Hanging by the phone, wondering why they don’t call you back, and then asking them why they never called sooner is a great way not to get laid. Be confident in yourself and don’t cling.

# 8… Be persistent…

Sometimes people get discouraged after one rejection. Shake it off and try again, even at the risk of another rejection.

# 9… Don’t be cheap…

Even if you have to save, don’t hesitate to spend a little money on dates, your clothes, or gifts.

# 10… Get in shape…

If you are overweight and can’t do a decent sit-up, your chances of getting laid often are drastically reduced. Plus, being in shape will keep things exciting in the bedroom and that is a good thing.

Red Hot Pie
Red Hot Pie Dating Australia

There you have it…. ten simple steps too getting more sex, more often.

A great dating website down here in Australia if your an Aussie… is Red Hot Pie… a link to there website is located just below the video, so you can check them out.

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