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Adult Matchmaker » Meeting A Woman: Don’t Lean In!

When guys go out to meet girls in bars, clubs, and coffee shops, there are some mistakes that even good looking, attractive, or cool guys make, that kill their chances. First impressions are critical, so it’s important to iron out all the wrinkles, especially the major ones.

Today, we are going to cover a simple, but BIG “no, no” in the dating world… something that is so natural, that almost every guy I know makes this simple, but easy to correct mistake.

So, without delay let’s get to it!

Now, in bars and clubs, I see a lot of guys making one HUGE mistake right from the get go…

The First Sin of Pick-Up – “Leaning In”

That’s right! You are probably not conscious that you do this. But odds are overwhelmingly likely that you do. Just about every man that hasn’t been informed of this basic “secret” is a culprit to “leaning in.”

It’s not your fault that no one has taught you exactly how women work.

Never fret, I’m here to help you.

Your not alone, most men lean in when they meet a girl because they are so attracted to her that they want to make sure she can hear them.

But here is what happens… you subtly (or not so subtly) lean in towards her head.

You do this naturally to make sure that she can hear what you are saying, especially in loud venues, but the fact of the matter is, that “leaning” toward her does nothing more than communicate that you are REALLY into her.

Now, this is a MAJOR TURNOFF for women.

Remember this… women want to FEEL that you like them ONLY after you get to know them!

That’s right… in the mind of a woman, looks are secondary! Which is a lesson, luckily for both of us, I will cover in detail later…

So for now, keep this in mind, next time you are talking to any attractive woman pay attention to see if you are leaning in.

If you are leaning in, then simply lean back casually. All you have to do is just increase the volume at which you speak to her slightly and project your voice overcoming any other distractions! Therefore eliminating your desire to lean in!

Furthermore, leaning back tells the woman that you are a guy that gets girls all the time and therefore she becomes attracted to you.

So there you have it!

Sin Number 1, a simple matter of paying attention to you body language!

If, you start paying attention to this small detail, that has HUGE impact on your success rate, you will start to see result almost immediately!

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