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Red Hot Pie » Three Tips To Cure Shyness Around Women

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If you find that you become shy around women, I bring you good news. Shyness around women can be cured with little effort.

Shyness is the main reason many guys never try to attract a woman or approach them. Their shyness virtually paralyzes them to the point that they never make a move while other guys leave with the attractive women.

But, this can change for the better. Here are three tips to cure shyness around women and help you become that confident guy any woman wants:

Tip 1: Eliminate Your Expectations

One reason guys become nervous around women is because they focus too much on the outcome of the interaction. They place too many expectations on what they hope to achieve, whether it is getting her phone number or going on a date.

Rather than focus on the outcome, just enjoy the conversation and company. Relax. Do not worry about whether or not she is into you. Just appreciate that you are talking to her and have a good time.

When you feel yourself becoming nervous, just repeat in your mind that you really do not care what happens. It would be great if you got her number, but it would not be the worst thing ever if you didn’t. Like I said, just have fun. The last thing you want her to see is how nervous you are.

Tip 2: Know What You Want

I really am not contradicting myself. Yes, I told you in the first tip to remove all expectations and now I am suggesting you figure out exactly what you want.

The difference is that you need a plan of action. This is far different from removing your expectations of the outcome. Always know what outcome you want to occur, just do not dwell on it during the conversations.

Ask yourself: What do I want to come from talking to her? Do I just want to have a good time? Do I want to secure a date? Or become intimate with her? The better you can answer these questions and know what you want, the more comfortable you will feel at shifting the conversation to make it happen.

Tip 3: Just Go For It!

Practice is the best way to cure shyness around women. Knowing what you want, as I recommended above, makes it a lot easier to go for it when you have the opportunity.

If you still find that you are nervous when talking to women, my advice is to just keep practicing. With practice, you will eventually feel more comfortable and less nervous around women.

As with any skill, learning to become comfortable approaching women is something that must be practiced. Practice your conversation skills so you can determine what works and what does not work. You will gradually build your confidence and soon wonder why you were ever shy around women. Once women start picking up on your new confident personality, they will find you even more attractive.

Paying attention to these three tips will, eventually, reduce your shyness. With a little effort, you can be that guy taking home the beautiful woman!

By: Chick Magnet 101

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